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Poll Everywhere in the classroom

I have been using a great system called Poll Everywhere in some of my lessons in the Travel and Tourism department at Leeds City College. I have made a short video about how to set up an account and how to use the system in the classroom.

Poll Everywhere can be used to set a multiple choice question that your students can answer using their mobile phones or other mobile devices. Answers can be sent by text message or using an Internet connection. You can also use Poll Everywhere to set a question that is not multiple choice but that can be answered using a message.

The teacher or tutor can display Poll Everywhere using a projector in the classroom and the results appear live on the screen as they are sent by the students. As the answers appear they can be discussed by the class.

I think that Poll Everywhere is a great system for use in the classroom. It engages students and lets students use their mobile phones for learning. In the lessons I have used Poll Everywhere it has been well received by students. Give it a go and see what you think. Click this link to sign up for a free account Poll Everywhere

Watch this short video that I made about how to use Poll Everywhere.

How to make a simple You Tube video

There are several ways to make a You Tube video. You can use a video camera or webcam to film yourself, you can use screen capture software or you can use PowerPoint slides.

The video you see below was made using PowerPoint slides and here is how I did it.

1. Produce your slides in PowerPoint. Add the text, images and anything else you want.

2. You then need to save your slides as JPEGS. To do this all you do is click on “save as” in your PowerPoint and then select JPEG.

3. This saves your slides as images that you can import into your movie making software. In the video below I used Windows Movie Maker, which is a free program within Windows.

4. To add a professional introduction to my video I used a free service called Flixpress.com. This lets you create introductions using various templates that you can customise yourself. I downloaded the completed movie file from Flixpress and then imported it into Windows Movie Maker. You can also save it as an MP4 if you want.

5. For the music I wanted royalty free music so I paid about 50 pence for some music from Jewel Beat and again imported that into Windows Movie Maker.

The video below was made for travel and tourism students at Leeds City College for their Responsible Tourism course. It was fairly easy to make and is pretty basic but I hope that they can use the video for learning about Responsible Tourism and that they can watch the video wherever they may be.