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Learn the E Major Pentatonic Guitar Scale

The major pentatonic is used where ever you might find the minor pentatonic. The major pentatonic sounds happier, and more upbeat than the minor pentatonic, but can still be used in a rock context. This scale sounds good over major chords, and power chords. You can use this in jazz, country and ballads. Its a cool scale. Learn this one as well as the Minor Pentatonic Scale. Also, try mixing the Major and Minor Pentatonic scales over blues chords and it sounds really good. BB King uses the Major Pentatonic a lot.

Start in position 1. The numbers on the scale are the fingers you should use for that note. The squares represent the root note, which in this case of course will be E. The following diagrams show the E Major Pentatonic Scale in all the fret board positions.

Learning scales is vital for playing good lead guitar.