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Bob Quick and his Terror Blunder !

You would think that our countries top anti-terrorist boss would know how to keep a secret ! But no, not Mr Bob Quick. He was photographed walking into 10 Downing Street today with secret papers openly on display. This document had the names of several peopleĀ  who were being investigated by police for possible terrorist activity and he had the document in his hands where it was possible for a photographer to get details of those names !

For gods sake what was the man thinking ? What has happened to the old fashioned brief case. They were designed for holding valuable documents. But Mr Bob Quick did not have a brief case in sight. For the head of the UK’s anti terrorist force to be so slack defies belief and it has possibly jeopardised the whole operation.

This is not the first time that a high ranking official has been photographed with important documents in Downing Street. I think it was the housing minister who was caught doing the same thing. Add this to all the other lost mobile phones, laptops and CD’s with information that have been lost in the post and the whole thing just adds up to a complete fiasco.

It makes me wonder who we have got running this country. The people in high places should not have to learn by other peoples mistakes but it seems as well as not being able to think for themselves they also don’t learn from previous mistakes. Shameful !

Bob Quick’s boss is, of course, the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. It seems she has been too busy filling in her expense forms to take any notice of what her staff are doing !