Speed up your cross stitch projects

Some friends of mine own and run an online cross stitch website and he has asked me to look at doing some free promotion for him. I don’t know the first thing about sewing or cross stitch so I asked him to compose a short article about his products. If you are into cross stitch then I hope you like the article. If you are not into sewing then look away now!

Speed Up Your Cross Stitch Projects

If you have ever been put off starting a large counted cross stitch project because the charts are too complicated or the aida fabric holes are too small to count, or maybe if you are just starting your first cross stitch, read on, this is for you.

If there’s a project you’d love to stitch and it’s not available as a stamped or printed cross stitch kit, don’t be disappointed. I’ve discovered a brilliant product which will make your stitching life easier. It’s called Easy-Count Guideline and claims to cut stitching time down by a third as well as making your fabric and chart much easier to handle, especially if you suffer from eyestrain as I do.

Easy Count Guideline is really simple to use. Following the instructions which come with your 100-yard spool of thread, you just ‘baste’ stitch a grid pattern into the fabric and away you go. The guide forms squares 10 by 10 holes apart, matching the grid pattern of your chart. It doesn’t matter what count aid you use.

Normally I’d stitch from the centre of the chart outwards, constantly rethreading my needle with different colour thread and having to count and recount where I’ve been. With the guideline in place I can now just complete all of the stitches, one colour at a time and anywhere on the chart. Believe me it’s much quicker this way!

The guideline is bright red and can be seen constantly throughout stitching your project. It is easily removed when finished, just slowly pull it out. As it is made of nylon it is not possible to stitch through the guide and accidentally fix it in place.

For ease of stitching I normally used washable aida with a pre-printed grid pattern. This does more or less the same thing, but I have always been wary of thread colours running or fabric shrinkage when washing the finished stitched project. Easy Count Guideline differs in respect that you can easily pull the grid pattern out of the project when completed, without affecting your finished work of art.

Easy Count Guideline seems so adaptable, can be used with all aida fabric and can assist with any size of project. It can even be added to a partly completed project to give you that extra confidence to quickly complete your design.

So don’t be put off by large projects anymore, don’t be disappointed that you have lost the will to finish a tough design – just make sure you always have a spool of Easy Count Guide in your needlework stash.

I wish this had been invented sooner; I’d have completed many other projects by now. Guess I have no excuse now, I had better get some of them completed, or should I buy a new kit? Decisions, decisions!

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  1. I just found out about the Easy Count Guideline but I’ve already started my cross stitch project. Can the guideline still be applied even though I started the project already?

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