Samsung ML2240 Laser Printer Review

Samsun ML2240 printer

I ordered a Samsung ML2240 from Amazon and the service was excellent as it arrived the next day. I bought the Samsung ML2240 Laser printer as a replacement for my old Brother printer. The reason being that to buy a new toner cartridge would have cost more than the cost of a brand new printer ! I didn’t want to spend ages looking for a new printer so I pretty much ordered the cheapest laser printer I could find and at £39 the Samsung seemed like a bargain.

My first impression of the Samsung ML2240 is that it’s quite small. Its about half the size of my old Brother one, but I suppose that’s progress for you !

The printer was so easy to set up. The whole set up process only took me about 5 minutes and that includes plugging the printer in and taking all the sticky tape off. The printer comes with one starter toner cartridge which is supposed to give about 700 prints. I installed the printer software and drivers from the CD and did a couple of test prints and I was impressed with the speed and the print quality. The only downside is that the printer is a bit noisy, but thats not too much of a problem.

At the same time I ordered the Samsung ML2240 from Amazon I ordered a printer USB cable. As seems to be the case with most printers these days there is no printer cable included so you have to order one. When I checked my order it transpires that the cable is going to be sent in a few days time which is a bit silly. Luckily I had a spare cable I could use on a temporary basis.

In summary, I can say that I am very pleased with the Samsung ML2240 and it is excellent value for money.

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3 thoughts on “Samsung ML2240 Laser Printer Review

  1. I bought a toner replacement toner cartridge for samsung ML2240. The printed documents are full of dark marks all over the page. can you tell me what is the problem and how to resolve it. thanks

    1. It sounds like you have used a cartridge that is not a branded Samsung one. If it is a Samsung one the the printer heads may need cleaning.

  2. Hi DavidB, what if it’s an eBay toner? My issues is the prints are legible but completely too dark for my taste. I haven’t been successful in searching for a fix thus far.

    Hope you can help.


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