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Top 10 You Tube Videos Of All Time

I love You Tube. In my opinion it is more entertaining than watching television, so I decided to find out which videos are the most popular of all time. The number 1 most viewed video is this one by comedian Judson Laipply which so far has attracted over 115 million views and a staggering 306,000 comments. The video shows him dancing a six-minute routine encompassing 32 songs spanning more than 50 years of music and dance. Take a look if you are one of the few people who haven’t seen it already !

Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend video is running at nearly 117 million views

Music videos rank amongst the most highly watched and this one I have seen many times, the guitar player has had over 56 million and is superb and this one by Leona Lewis has had 84 million views, Bleeding Love

This one is someones home video of their two children which has had an amazing 86 million views. It’s called Charlie bit my finger.

In the You Tube sports category the number one video with 8 million views is this one of the Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho

In the Cars and Vehicles category this video from the BBC Top Gear TV show featuring Jeremy Clarkson driving the incredibly fast Ariel Atom has had nearly 5 million views.

Some Funny Photos

I like unusual and interesting photographs. The images of the terrible fires in Australia in my previous post were fascinating but a bit depressing so I thought I would try and lighten your mood with some other more light hearted images. Take a look at these -

1. How to make best use of advertising

2. I can sometimes touch my toes but this is ridiculous

3. We thought we had a lot of snow recently…take a look at this

4. I love interesting ways of promoting products

5. With all the snow we have been having I’m surprised that no one has thought of this as a means of transport on the snow

6. And finally, there is a campaign running to help illiterate people. They are asked to write in for help

I Have Changed The way My Blog Looks

When I started my own blog it was just as an experiment. I wanted to find out how to use WordPress and I wanted to know if I could use my blog to write travel articles so that I could promote my travel agency. At the start I didn’t pay much attention to the look and feel of the blog as I wanted to start writing some reasonably interesting content first. After writing over 50 posts in two months I thought that the time was right to improve the look of my blog so today I have changed its design. Hope that you like it.